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LIHG Teams

Associazione Sportiva Asiago Hockey

Asiago, Italy

Rink - Stadio Hodegart

Seats - 2200

HC Alleghe

Alleghe, Italy

Rink - Stadio Alvise De Toni

Seats - 2500

Hockey Club Pustertal-Val Pusteria

Bruneck, Italy

Rink - Leitner Solar Arena

Seats - 2050

Hockey Club Valpellice

Torre Pellice, Italy

Rink - Palaghiaccio Olimpico di Torre Pellice

Seats - 2500

Hockey Milano Rossoblu

Milan, Italy

Rink - Stadio del Ghiaccio Agorà

Seats - 4000

Sport Ghiaccio Pontebba

Pontebba, Italy

Rink - PalaVuerich

Seats - 2000

Sportiva Hockey Club Fassa

Canazei, Italy

Rink - Stadio del Ghiaccio Gianmario Scola

Seats - 3500

Sportivi Ghiaccio Cortina

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

Rink - Stadio Olimpico del Ghiaccio

Seats - 2700

Sportverein Ritten-Renon

Ritten, Italy

Rink - Arena Ritten

Seats - 1200

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